One night in a mansion in the middle of nowhere

One night to explore a building possessed by demons and the shadow of danger

One night to solve a ten year long mystery

Astraifort Estate is a Gay, Furry themed, Fully completed Choose Your Own Adventure Interactive Novel that narrates the tale of a demon hunter who finds himself exploring an abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere that once belonged to a legendary demon hunter who disappeared under mysterious circumstances 10 years ago.

The demon hunter finds himself forced to explore this house because of a constantly repeating dreams that beckons for him to come to this house. In return for coming, said dreams promises him a mighty, holy power that 
would make his life as demon hunter easier.

The mystery behind all of these events begins to reveal itself with every step the Oneiric demon hunter take deeper into the now demonic infested house.

The Oneiric demon hunter is set on making it into the heart of the demonic house and face whatever dangers and characters lurk in their depths, all for the sake of finding and emerging victorious with both the holy power and nights free from the strange dreams.


  • 100% M/M content
  • Hypnosis and Mind Control/Brainwashing are the main themes of the story. However, more themes can be discovered such as: Bondage, Foot play, Latex, Domination/enslavement, Tentacles and Gang-banging among many others!
  • 49 different endings and 58 General Achievements awaiting to be discovered in a world of 300k+ words of content, plus another extra 100k+ words of endings to ensure replay value!
  • Several puzzles and many boss battles are blocking your way into the depths of the manor. It is up to you to outsmart them before they outsmart you!
  • Think about your decisions twice! Every major decision you take during your exploration will change the outcome of both the next events inside the mor and reshape the ending!
  • Auto-Save / Manual Save system are set in place to make your exploration easier.
  • Game fully coded in a modern, HTML5 engine (Twine)! You can play online on any mobile or desktop device. No downloading files/installing programs and zero compatibility issues!
  • Library mode to re-read every unlocked ending without having to play again.
  • The Price is Right! Astraifort Estate is Free to play forever and ever!


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